Kenny (kenduane) wrote in bobs_brigade,

Campbell owns.

This is an excerpt from a journal update I just posted. In it, I am just saying people that I like and why. I think it bears posting here...

Campbell for being so meta-lectural. You can take a Campbell class and not like it, but that's probably because you weren't really paying attention to the funny shit that beautiful man says, or the fact that he's an amazingly effective language instructor.
Bob's Brigade rides at the front of the line, chopping down shitty English majors and jocks who shouldn't talk in class.
"I hear a voice..."

As far as my favorite Campbell quote, I guess you might have had to be there. We were addressing Bush's "axis of evil" presidential speech in Advanced Comp last year, and he got on great anti-bush soapbox.
Not exact;
"Yes, when you refer to these people as "evil," they cease to become people. They are just these monsters, these evil things, and then we're in Lord of the Rings, right? You know, we're in Mordor, and there's Sadam, he's Sauron or whatever"

just the smart-assed way he said it made me die.
He's great.
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